Services Provided

Here are the services that I provide:.

My legal services in relation to family law and other litigation matters focus on peacemaking, conciliation, collaboration, and reconciliation of relationships. I help my clients practice peacemaking and conciliation with a view to reconciliation first.


Risk management consulting

I offer a broad range of consulting services for my clients’ legal needs. My mission is to help my clients accomplish the right legal outcome with the right professionals (most often accountants and lawyers) who are competent to do the right work as effectively as possible in the most efficient manner possible at the right price.


Conflict resolution (conciliation) & Collaborative Law

Having represented hundreds of Christians going through a variety of legal and non-legal conflicts over the past 30+ years, both as a Christian lawyer and as a Christian conciliator, I am convinced that the best God-honoring, redemptive, and healing choice Christians can make is to pursue resolution through the alternative dispute resolution methods available to them..