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December 6, 2010
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March 22, 2011
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words, the only necessary gift

this Christmas season, as the annual hustle and bustle unleashes and flows, i’ve decided once again that the only necessary gift for me is words…books, if a purchase-gift is desired or necessary…but at most all i want are words from the heart…words that give me access to my family’s and friends’ lives and hearts and passions and desires and fears and dreams and…whatever

so, this Christmas, please, words only…no $ spent necessary…unless, of course, you want to gift a book of words with a note from your heart…easiest and best is an Amazon gift certificate i can use on line…many thanks to all who donate such words…my next post will list a bunch of books i’d love to get some time this year… :-))

as as you think about the Advent of God this season, visit the Advent Conspiracy site ( and soak in some of their words and images that might help you think through Christmas and the New Year and the new life only the original Advent and all it brings inaugurates each day…


Advent 2010

mk 8.34-35

and if you want a great read this season about this quintessentially American season, check out The Sacred Santa

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